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Male Voices

* Source-Connect
(available via Source-Connect - like ISDN only better!)
* CORE status
(will work Union or Non-Union jobs)

Female Voice (Non-Union)

Diane Bakos - Medical narrations and news a speciality

Gina Beltrami - Friendly, warm, delivers smiles every time, just what your listening for

Kelly Brennan - Very believable, current, confident, great expression, slight edge with a smile, 20's-30's

Melissa Connell - Friendly, warm, delivers smiles every time, college to middle aged

Donna Cuddemi* - Versatile, smooth voice - narrations, announcer, conversational

Diane Donaher - Middle aged, a voice you can trust, approachable narrations

Emily Durante - Young mom to middle aged, serious narration to mom next door

Sally Eisenberg - Warm, upbeat, friendly, young mom or professional, announcer, 25-45

Sharon Eisenhour - Next door announcer, credible narrations

Randi Ellis - Strong, confident announcer, lots of character voices

Carol Graham - Versatile, warm friendly voice

Allison Green - Upscale, warm, authoritative, trustworthy, edgy, technical & medical specialty

Tambra Janusziewicz - Low voice, Industrial, commercial, mom, strong, lawyer, doctor, narrator

Joanne Joella - Wide range - 35-65, low voice, smooth delivery

Bonnie Keller - Strong, deep delivery, rip & read, medical terms, commercials, wide range

Lisa Leonard* - Young adult to middle age, versatile, medical specialty, authoritative narration, friendly neighbor and mom to smooth talking seductress

Kathy Long - Middle-age, spokesperson, mom, straight-read, hard & soft sell, sexy, low voice

Diane McMakin - Middle aged to mature, great mom and real person characters

Hollis Payer - Versatile, compassionate, intelligent. Wide commercial/industrial range: mom, doc, ceo

Deborah Seif* - Low, raspy, textured, warm or hard-edge, good announcer

Carole Silvoy - Warm tones from professional to perky, versatile, experienced

Amy Simpson - Strong, young, confident announcer

Suzanne Smart - Incredibly versitile, smooth delivery, narration, situation, or character

Sue Sneeringer - Confident, mature voice - announce, situation, character

Jeannie Stith* - Fresh youthful sound - teenager, college student, young mom. Serious or comedic, Narration or character

Sara Swanson - Smooth, sincere narrations

Nancy Tucker - Warm, friendly, conversational, enthusiastic, vibrant, upbeat, sexy, sultry

Diane Wagner - Lower, smooth delivery - narrations, announce and situation

Carol Willis - Higher voiced, middle age, girl next door characters and narrations

Wendy Wills - Characters to announcers, authentic reads and believability

Ruth Weisberg - Credible, resonant, characters, specializes in medical/pharmacological

Cindy Weintraub - Teen to young adult, distinctive voice

Female Voice (Union)

Molly Daly - A real smile in her voice, real person announcer

Jane Lueders - Smooth delivery, serious or upbeat narrations, trustworthy

Marsha Saunders - Warm, friendly, mom, authoritative, industrials, medical

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