Creative Sound Studios

Creative Sound Studios

Audio Forensics
  • Forensic recording enhancement and analysis for audio tape and all forms of media including noise reduction and dialogue enhancement
  • Expert assessment of your recording
  • Comprehensive digital waveform analysis
  • Final enhancement available for Secure Download from our website or on CD/DVD/Cassette

  • The word "forensic" is defined as, "Pertaining to, connected with, or used in courts of law or public discussion and debate." (Random House Dictionary)
    So, the term "forensic audio" may be defined as the application of audio knowledge, technologies, and methodologies to questions of civil and criminal law or public discussion and debate.

    Technologies and methodologies of forensic audio include the following specialty areas:
    1. Audibility analysis
    2. Enhancement
    3. Authenticity analysis
    4. Sound identification
    5. Event sequence analysis
    6. Dialogue decoding
    7. Noise reduction
    8. Other signal analysis

    Q: Who can benefit from Audio Restoration?
    A: Anyone who wants to preserve a valuable audio recording. Here is a short list of people who would benefit from our services: private investigators, lawyers, police and 911 services, professional and amateur musicians, medical professionals, journalists, researchers, etc.

    Q: What kind of recordings can you restore?
    A: We can restore or improve virtually any audio recording. From taped conversations, speeches, lectures and demos, as well as restoring and preserving old records.

    Q: Are there recordings that can not be restored?
    A: Ones that are physically damaged beyond repair.

    Q: I have this very bad recording. Can you completely remove the hiss and noise?
    A: Yes, we can remove all of it. But we strongly advise against it because it will introduce a phenomenon called "digital artifacts" (strange bubbly sounds). Digital artifacts can actually be more annoying to the ear than a little bit of noise or hiss. However selective filtering can effectively reduce most of the hiss and noise.