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Female Voices

* Source-Connect
(available via Source-Connect - like ISDN only better!)
* CORE status
(will work Union or Non-Union jobs)

Male Voice (Non-Union)

Jaz Adams* - Young male announce and character, student, partier, surfer, as well as young adult-friendly announcer

Brian Atwood - Straight read to 100's of characters and impressions

Rod Burnham - Solid intelligent pro, easily handles all styles of announcer deliveries

Jim Barton* - Versatile announcer to guy next door

James Brown - Smooth announcer but also energetic and situation al reads

Mike Cabot - Amazing impressionists, from Rodney Dangerfield to Joan Rivers - yep!

Dennis Cahill - Deep voice, smooth announcer to excentric car salesman

Kris Chandler - 40+ mid/low range male, versatile, mellow or edgy, long, difficult scripts a specialty

Joe Cusimano - Dad, co-worker, guy next door to credible and smooth narrations

Mark Domyan - Great situation actor, guy next door to straight announce

Sheldon Ehret - Character and serious book reads, narrations and situations

Teddy G. - Journeyman, multi-voice, same production flexible. Not "one trick pony". Quality

Will Gallagher - Enthusiastic, young male announcer, as well as a wide variety of character voices

Ken Haas - Warm, rich resonance, versatile, soothing to energetic, compassionate, documentaries

Mike Harrison* - Mid-aged real guy announce, believable, wide range of characters - "Is that all the same guy?!"

Art Houston - Bold, believable, sounds intelligent, consistent

Dennis Johnson - Flexible, amicable read, well-rounded, sincere

Eric Lee - Everything from characters to announcer to technical or serious narrations, this guy can do it all

David Lenthall - Situational narrations

Ken Matthews - Straight announce to subtle humor, well seasoned professional with middle age sound

Paul Manutes* - Young male announcer, 20-30's true to life announcer, characters from hillbilly to lucky charms

Kim Martin - Robust, full of life, naturally smiley commercial spots

Rich Orlow - Regular guy to age 40, teenagers, imitations & characters

Alan Pratt - Hard driving direct response to casual & upbeat, narrator to "real guy"

Charlie Roney - Great actor, excellent instincts, great range, real guy, warm, credible characters and accents

David Shmookler - Smooth voice, announcer, great for commercials and narrations

Robert Toperzer - Distict voice, upbeat and forceful to peaceful and authentic

Chuck Varesco* - Flexible straight reads and character voices

Gene Werley - Warm, credible, mature announce

Joe Winters - Great situation and character reads, very creative

Male Voice (Union)

Chet Brown - Deep voice, caucasion or african-american reads, announcer and characters

John French - High-caliber announcer, solid conversational reads

Ron Heneghan - Character, announcer, young dad, extremely versatile, all accents

Aaron Lehman* - 18-34 "edge" read, hip, bold, deep, and characters to boot!

Scott Sanders - Mature, 45-55, character voices, versatile

Gary Shephard - Deep, laid back to exciting, warm & conversational, characters

Paul Springle - Warmly authoritative, primarily conversational

R.D. Steele - Very animated, upbeat, fast, high-energy spots, distictive voice

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