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Jon Seda-Treme ADR
Tom Kane-Walmart VO
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Engineers Helena Confer & Amanda Marsteller with Jon Seda
Treme  ADR

The production company for HBO's Treme approached Creative Sound about doing ADR for the show with actor, Jon Seda, who plays Nelson Hidalgo on the show. Seda came to CSS, and the sessions were done via Source-Connect to a studio in New Orleans where Treme's ADR supervisor, Jennifer Ralston, was directing the sessions.  Saying his lines to the video comes naturally to Seda since he has lots of experience in ADR.  The tricky part about these sessions was that his audio somehow had to be in sync with the video they were watching in New Orleans. Source-Connect made syncing very easy in that timecode could be sent over the internet to lock together video and audio in both locations.

     Jon Seda's career as an amateur boxer got him his first role in the 1992 boxing film, Gladiator. Since then, he has been in various movies and TV shows, including starring alongside Jennifer Lopez in Selena as Chris Pérez (Selena's husband), starring in Homicide: Life on the Street, and appearing in Law & Order, House, The Closer, and CSI: Miami.

     Treme, set in post-Katrina New Orleans, follows the efforts of the people to rebuild their lives and the city. The program is named after one of New Orleans's oldest neighborhoods and showcases the music and culture of the region.



Tom Kane writing script notes
In the Studio Tom Kane Was

When Particle Audio in Chicago called frantically trying to schedule a session with a voiceover artist who was staying in the Allentown area, Creative Sound was able to accommodate. A short while after, voiceover actor, Tom Kane, arrived at CSS ready to record lines for a Walmart TV commercial. Particle Audio was patched in to the session in order to provide direction to Kane, who was able to read the lines in the short time allotted in each spot.

     Now, what was Kane, a Kansas resident, doing in the wonderful Lehigh Valley? Turns out he was being featured at The Great Allentown Comic Con being held that weekend. Kane is well known throughout the nerd and geek community as the voice of Yoda on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars feature-film and television series. He was invited to Comic Con to be on a panel discussing Star Wars and to sign autographs. His extensive résumé includes voices from many different tv shows, movies, and video games. Kane's voice was used in the TV shows Robot Chicken (various), Kim Possible (Lord Monkey Fist), The Powerpuff Girls (Professor Utonium, Him), The Wild Thornberrys (Darwin); movies Tim Burton's "9" (The Chancellor), Chipmunks (narrator), The Smurfs (narrator); Bannerand video-games Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: World at War (Takeo Masaki), Escape from Monkey Island (various), The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Gandalf), and X-Men Legends (Chuck Simms). The list goes on and on, so there is no end to the number of places that you could hear Kane's voice. He was the announcer for the 78th, 80th, and 83rd Academy Awards and many movie trailers. With such a variety of voices and projects, it's needless to say that you have probably heard Tom Kane before.


Expanding Session Boundaries

For years, the only options for listening in on a session or recording remotely were ISDN and phone patch. Over the past few years, the options have expanded; first with Source-Connect and more recently with Skype. Creative Sound Studios has been using Source-Connect since it's introduction in 2005. It is a ProTools plugin and standalone software that connects studios

Bannertogether via VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Expensive ISDN lines, subscription fees, and minutes-by-minute line charges are a thing of the past. Source-Connect allows studios to connect economically to other users anywhere in the world with full fidelity audio. Currently, there are 1,280 users in the United States and over 2,250 worldwide! Creative Sound works with many voiceover artists in other parts of the country via Source-Connect, providing you with even more choices when it comes to choosing the perfect voice for your project.

     Skype is used by many for video chat, however, at CSS it has become an alternative to the phone patch. Now, if you can't attend a session, instead of listening over the phone, you can listening in and direct your session via Skype. Audio quality is much better than that of phone Bannerpatch which makes the session easier to listen to and gives you a better idea of what each take really sounds like. Another advantage is if you need to record an interview and the interviewee is unable to be recorded at one of the many Source-Connect studios.  The audio will be better recorded through Skype as opposed to through phone patch.  Of course, if you aren't near a computer, there is always still the phone patch option when you are unable to attend a session. New technologies such as Source-Connect and Skype allow us to work with you no matter where in the world you are located.

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Established in 1976, Creative Sound Studios, LLC has long been one of the top recording studios in the Lehigh Valley. No matter what your audio needs may be, CSS is able to fulfill them. For the past 15 years, Creative Sound has provided the audio post-production for every episode of the truTV series, Forensic Files.  CSS's audio post-production background extends to numerous shows for PBS, instructional videos, corporate videos and TV commercials. Creative Sound Studios has lock-to-picture capability for various tape formats and QuickTime, thousands of sound effects, music libraries to find the ideal piece, Dolby E, ProLogic and ProLogicII encoding and decoding and many other services. Creative Sound works with a diverse group of professional voiceover artists throughout the country to make sure you have the perfect voice for your script. Throughout the past 35 years, CSS has had the privilege of recording a variety of musical ensembles and genres...you name it, CSS has recorded it. The 600 sq. ft. studio offers ample space to record or rehearse a group, while the iso booths provide the isolation needed to record solo vocals and voiceovers. Our goal at Creative Sound Studios is to ensure that your recording is the best that it can be. Our location provides a quiet atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, without a long commute. Visit our website for more information. We look forward to working on your next project!


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